Something shocking shook me this week.  I took a step back and looked at why I do art.  The answer is sad.  It seems that my main motivation to paint is for recognition and acceptance.  What!

This realization came to me after a very close friend asked me why I feel the need to post my work on social media straight after completing the work.  I really had to take a moment to think about that.  What was pushing me to feel the need to post every piece of art I make?  Here is where the penny dropped.  After this discovery, I decided to do my art and not post my work, just do it for me. But, guess what?  All my motivation for going to my studio disappeared!

What now? Will I keep painting? Why can I not just paint for myself?  Silence. No answers from myself.  And so, I think, I need some time to think about all I have learned and give myself time to reconnect.



3 thoughts on “Silence

  1. Honey8 says:

    Your painting is gorgeous, and your talent is amazing. Do art for yourself. Create for yourself, to escape the world and reality, sometimes it is needed.
    I appreciate your question, posting some of the paintings on social media is just like inspiring othwr artists, nothing bad in that to

    Most important is to enjoy the procees

    Good day, keep creating! ❤


    • Tara-Lee Hollander says:

      Thank you, Honey8. I think the thing that bothers me the most it that I need to get my heart right about posting on social media. It should be about helping others, not seeking approval. But, this is a journey, not something that can happen overnight. Thank you for your input!

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