Poems as art

As part of my art journey, I have taken to writing poetry. I have never written anything before, but I find myself drawn to this new way of expressing myself. This writing path started with me writing a poem to deal with the emotions of my father’s death last year.

Wind, why do you keep blowing?
Do you not know he is gone?
Or do you simply not care?

How can my tears start flowing
While every day things need to go on
and life is being lived everywhere?

If I had to stand still for a hoisted flag at school
Why do we not stand still now
for a man worth more than a thousand pieces of cloth?

The way you ignore the hole in me is so cruel 
Or can’t you see it somehow?
This is bigger than some small loss

Stop, Wind! Stop, World! Where is your respect?
A man of importance is not here anymore.
He is gone, my dad is dead.

Please at least take one moment to bow your head!

by Tara-lee Hollander, a grieving daughter.

Later on I started using words to find the humour in what I wanted to say.

A limerick – “be careful how you give”

My newest poem was inspired by one of the artistic tasks I had to complete for the “Artist’s Way”. I had to write down five other lives I could imagine living.

If I had five other lives to lead
what would I be, what would I need?
A nun working in a church all day
wearing long flowing robes with time to pray

An activist with a strong, worthy cause
making everyone around her think and pause
Or a ballet dancer that dances in the light
for the audience to gasp at my leaps of flight

No, maybe a doctor that works with the dying
to save families from going home crying
Or rather a great motivational speaker
that changes how people think about those that are weaker

Wait, I am a mother to my children all day
I’m already all those things I dreamed to become in some way.

by Tara-lee Hollander

Trying other forms of art really grows one as an artist. My artistic freedom feels released and fulfilled.


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