The men in my life

Most of my painting journey so far has been about women.  This amazing quote I read recently sums up my feelings about women well:  ” The smile is the most beautiful curve on a woman’s body”.

But I needed a break from all the women in my life and turned to painting men.  What an enriching experience, as I never really felt that men are beautiful enough to paint.  Was I wrong!  I have had so much fun with the men in my life!

After this new direction took hold of me I felt more ready to jump into the very difficult task of painting a portrait of my three children.  I could not do it! I hit a snag! I failed miserably! For two weeks I slaved in front of my easel, but nothing could save this painting and for the first time in my art journey, I had to put aside a painting.

Never before had I reached a point like this – I even believed that I had lost my Mojo. Until I read this encouraging article:

How this Perfectionist learned to paint more loosely.

Suddenly all my emotions made complete sense and I pushed myself in new ways.  Here is the result of pushing myself in a new direction:



Old Turkish Miller – Oil on board, done with a pallet knife.





Old Circus Man – Oil on board, done with a pallet knife.


And so new things came out of one of the lowest points in my journey.