Beauty in Art

Beauty in Art is what I have always fought to attain.  I have always said that the world has enough “ugly”, we need beauty in Art to balance the scales – I still believe this.  But, after a visit to a wonderful little gallery in a small town, Tulbugh, near my home town I started looking with new eyes at my art.

The Christo Coetzee art gallery in Tulbugh houses the works of the renowned artist it is named after.  Guiding us through the rooms of his old house, the gallery owner shared some of Christo’s thought processes in his work.  Here are some of Christo’s portraits:

Here is a link to Christo’s bio on wikipedia if you would like to learn more about this artist: Christo Coetzee

Our guide explained that Christo found beauty in all parts of life: the ugly, the ordinary and the alluring.  He felt that we can not know what beauty is if we don’t uphold the other side of the scale.  This really made me think hard about my art and what I want to portray with my work.  My aim was to bring “perfection” into the foreground, but maybe that would not create a complete picture with the “photo shoot” woman I love painting.

If there is beauty in the ordinary, I felt that I needed to present that too.  And so my new journey started with looking at the works of artist I would not normally look at.  Artists like Odd Nerdrum who paints the most wonderful images of ordinary people doing ordinary things (some of his paintings are not for sensitive viewers).  All this sent me on a new road with my paintings, the journey moves forward…

thinking manweb

Old Turkish man – Oil on board



Portuguese Street Performer – Oil on board

There is beauty in the ordinary too!