Quiet before the storm

I have been very quiet the last few weeks, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been very busy.  Many exciting moments have made the last while very full.  Ironically, after my last little rant about social media being a total waste of time for me, I sold a painting on Facebook.


Serious Beauty

Letting her go to a good home really gave me so much pleasure.

This past weekend I went to some of the most beautiful parts of South Africa to spend time with other artists at a workshop.  What a wonderful experience it was!  I would highly recommend attending art workshops – it broadens your skills and helps you meet others that share the same passion.

It was at this workshop that I got to paint me very first oil painting.


We also did some live drawing sessions.

Being self-taught has had its challenges and I would say the biggest challenge would have to be the lack of “insider tips” you get from seasoned artists at an art school.  Our art mentor for the weekend was amazing and I came home with a renewed passion for what I do.

Here are some works I have completed while having been so silent on my blog.





And the storm I refer to in the title?  I few exhibitions coming up in the next months!

Stay posted for more information…