A beautiful body

Painting woman is my favourite thing in all the world.  I love the shape of the body, I love the beauty in the face and I love trying to capture an expression so one can hold on to it forever.

This past two weeks I wanted to focus on more than only the face.  I found a wonderful reference photo for a full body painting and I jumped into putting her onto canvas.  But, the more I painted, the more I doubted myself.  She wasn’t what I wanted, I didn’t know what to do with the background; she just didn’t speak to me.


Full body study

I have this habit of not being able to move on with a new painting until the last one is completed.  This painting just did not want to work, so I took the advice of my dear husband and moved her to the side.  Will I change her?  I am not sure.  Maybe I will just start over with her.  Let’s see…

After wrestling my way with the full body work I was able to set her aside and move onto something else.  The “Mysterious Woman”  just flowed out of my paint brush.


Mysterious Woman

Sometimes one just has to let go of an idea or of a preconceived notion so one can move on to greater things!


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