Love can heal pain – Hope.

This week I set out with a set path in mind, but sometimes the universe has other plans – better plans.  One thing that I have learnt in this deepest, dark time is that you have to live life to its fullest.  Grab hold of things, live your life wildly and be yourself.  Be honest!  This is what has given me hope for my future.  The song that has walked the path with me and inspired my new painting is “Brave”.






4 thoughts on “Love can heal pain – Hope.

  1. Cole says:

    I love this portrait. What’s interesting is that the colours are much lighter and… more hopeful… than the ones you did earlier in the year. Very strong progression! Looking forward to see where this goes ❤

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  2. woodcanvasartist says:

    Beautiful work. I love to paint, but I pretty much stick to nature. I can I hide all my flaws there. When you paint someone’s face and body it can be magnified. I wish I had the ability to paint people better. I do have one painting on my blog of my grandchildren.Thank you for sharing this portrait.

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