Love can heal pain – Hope.

This week I set out with a set path in mind, but sometimes the universe has other plans – better plans.  One thing that I have learnt in this deepest, dark time is that you have to live life to its fullest.  Grab hold of things, live your life wildly and be yourself.  Be honest!  This is what has given me hope for my future.  The song that has walked the path with me and inspired my new painting is “Brave”.






Absence makes the heart grow fonder

The last few weeks have gone by in a blur.  Unfortunately not much painting happened in this blur, but I am still here and I am still painting! Hopefully my absence has made you fonder of my work 😉

I am really trying very hard to find myself in my art – to find the style I want to be known for.  It is a long process, but well worth the effort.  Experimenting with new ways is always good, so here’s to this week’s work.