Something New

Getting stuck in a rut is easy.  Getting out and doing something new is the hard part. This week I really tried to find a new creative way to represent the girl I wanted to paint.  It took much longer than my others, but I am happy with her.  She even spoke to me and told me she wanted green hair – so green it is!


Challenge accepted!

This week I would also like to post a wonderful YouTube clip that has helped me through some challenging times.  So enjoy and remember to stay posted!



2 thoughts on “Something New

  1. Cole says:

    Oh my word, I missed this one (I was on deadline… “going to the thing”…).

    I admire your courage and love the art that is arising because of it. And thank you so much for the video. I’m struggling with grief at the moment and this was a wonderful reminder to remember to dance ❤

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