The Sting of Rejection

Looking back over my art journey I have come to really enjoy this dance that I call art!  It is such a wonderful dance full of wild ideas, great work and ego busters.

And so my girls went off to the gallery and were promptly called “unfinished” and rejected.  Oh, the sting of rejection!  Yes, yes, it is one person’s opinion. Yes, yes, I know that I need to develop a thicker skin.  One must remember though, that I am new to this, I still feel the pain of someone not liking the piece of me I put on the canvas.

Anyway – as my mother would say; “onward christian soldiers!”  Onward I go, to new things and wild art adventures!

In the storm I will stay calm.


Stay posted for more!


6 thoughts on “The Sting of Rejection

  1. Cole says:

    Allow me to embody a justified sense of righteous indignation on your behalf! 😉

    You are right – it is just one person’s opinion, and yes, as artists, we collectively want everyone to like our work, especially when there is so much of ourselves invested in it.

    Let’s say every artist began producing “unfinished” [or whatever other ambiguous adjective will satisfy the critic] art. The galleries would surely be empty (of art and people)!

    You don’t need a gallery to tell you that your art deserves to be bought; that people who love your art deserve to have it in their personal space. Where in that exchange of value – ie: the appreciation of YOUR art – does a gallery fit in, exactly? (rhetorical). I can tell you horror stories of how much galleries claim of an artist’s profits just for displaying their work, nevermind of the “right” to exhibit in that space. Sure, we want the acclaim, the social recognition, the approval of the industry (which is allegedly the side-effect of exhibiting at a gallery), but there’s no guarantee that you’ll find your tribe, your audience in these physical spaces (contrary to what gallery owners might want you to believe).

    And this is why social media is so great – you get to choose the audience that finds you and that can appreciate your work. Social media gives you access to global appreciation. What does the gallery on the corner do?


    One closed door simply means that the universe is redirecting you to where you’re meant to be. Good luck x


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