Something New

Getting stuck in a rut is easy.  Getting out and doing something new is the hard part. This week I really tried to find a new creative way to represent the girl I wanted to paint.  It took much longer than my others, but I am happy with her.  She even spoke to me and told me she wanted green hair – so green it is!


Challenge accepted!

This week I would also like to post a wonderful YouTube clip that has helped me through some challenging times.  So enjoy and remember to stay posted!



The Sting of Rejection

Looking back over my art journey I have come to really enjoy this dance that I call art!  It is such a wonderful dance full of wild ideas, great work and ego busters.

And so my girls went off to the gallery and were promptly called “unfinished” and rejected.  Oh, the sting of rejection!  Yes, yes, it is one person’s opinion. Yes, yes, I know that I need to develop a thicker skin.  One must remember though, that I am new to this, I still feel the pain of someone not liking the piece of me I put on the canvas.

Anyway – as my mother would say; “onward christian soldiers!”  Onward I go, to new things and wild art adventures!

In the storm I will stay calm.


Stay posted for more!

All the girls together

This week I finished my “small” series.  I am very happy with the 6 girls!

So off to the gallery they go this week.  Wish me luck!  I hope they all go to good homes.






“Where Now?” 


“Who are you?”





New Series

After a rough, storming, no-art week this past week, I could jump in over the weekend and complete two new paintings for my “small” series.



Who are you? Acrylic on board – 20cm x 20cm

Number four in the series:


Where now?  Acrylic on board – 20cm x 20cm

I started on portrait number 5, but did not like it from the get-go.  So, that one will be painted over and started again.

I am really trusting that this new series will sell well.  Any idea what you other artists out there suggest I charge for these little ladies?  I charge an average of R 3 000 ($200) for my bigger work, but have never made or sold little ones.

Wishing you all a fabulous September! Stay posted for more of my art journey!