A Week Not to Repeat

The week that has past has been one of the hardest in my whole life. Not a week to repeat for sure!  I am hoping that in the future I can look back on this time and see how it has had a wonderfully positive effect on my art.

All I got to paint this week was the second “block painting” in my new series, so that is all I have to share.

Blessings to each one reading this and stay posted for my art journey!


Angel – Acrylic on board


8 thoughts on “A Week Not to Repeat

  1. Cole says:

    I think that’s the beauty of art and life – they both influence each other so intricately. I hope you have come out relatively unscathed from your week and are perhaps a little wiser for it. If anything, struggle/difficulty gives us new perspective.

    THAT BEING SAID… Wow at the facial perspective of this piece. The high contrast also works well, so – all due respect – I would say you’ve had a pretty successful week on the art front.

    The ocean is big, but it’s the little life jacket that will keep you afloat…

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