Playing the Part

Emotions confuse me.  Logic has always been my safe place.  If I can figure it out step by step – I know I can do it.  With painting, this natural flow of things does not help me at all!  When I feel upset, I can’t hide it in my paintings – it is just there – in the paint and in the brush strokes.  It makes me feel vulnerable, but I have come to realize that is what makes art Art.  The emotion behind the story, the movie, the painting, the song.

Maybe it is time to not try to subdue my emotions, but to embrace where they take me.

When I painted my newest painting, it made me feel happy, it made me feel calm.  And that is what I feel flows from this piece.


Flower girl

I promised that I would show you last week’s painting that I put some more work into.  And here it is.


The Mask


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