Thinking out of the box – week 12

This week I really wanted to challenge myself to work outside of my comfort zone.  We all become comfortable with what we have done over and over again.

Deciding to paint in a different style was at first very scary.  I felt unsure of myself and of my creativity.

My self imposed challenge entailed using all the colours in my paint box, applying every colour at least once on the canvas.  I didn’t want to mix colours on the palette, but use them straight out of the tubes.

Here are the colours I had to work with:




Step 1 – Drawing the portrait on the board.


Step 2 – The under-painting


Step 3 – Working with brushes and fingers to get the “look” right.


Step 4 – The finished work.

Finishing the work was really rewarding – I felt very happy with the outcome.

This week I participated in the One-word-challenge again; you can have a look at my entry here: The art of being carefree .

I also painted a “pop art” inspired piece called “eclipse”.



Stay posted for more art learning next week!


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