The art of being carefree

Life is busy.  We all know this, we all want to find more quiet time, more time to “smell the roses”.  This reminds me of a wonderful technique I read about to calm your busy mind.  Robin Sharma describes it like this:

How to control/discipline your mind – HEART OF THE ROSE TECHNIQUE

  1. find a quiet place to meditate. preferably in nature
  2. hold a rose and focus all of your attention on its center, its heart. Notice its colour, texture, design, fragrance. Only focus on the rose

Why a rose? A rose is like life:  you will meet thorns along the way, but if you have faith and believe in your dreams you eventually move beyond the thorns into the glory of the flower.  (excerpt from “The Monk who Sold His Ferrari” – Robin Sharma)

This technique helps one feel more carefree.  I went through a wonderful “flower stage” with my painting.  Looking back on that time I can remember feeling calmer and more carefree while painting nature’s beauty.




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