Portrait Painting – week 11


This week was all about portrait painting.  Down went the pencil that I have been holding for 10 weeks and in its place, my paintbrushes.  My first attempt was a self-portrait; not too bad, but I really felt I could do better.


First attempt this week at a portrait – self portrait

This is the photo I used as reference:

Tara-Lee Hollander

Back to the drawing board and my trusty Youtube for tutorials. These are the two videos I watched and found very helpful (the sound quality on the second clip is terrible, but I still learnt so much from it).



After my first attempt I felt a bit nervous to try again, but my artist friend invited me to paint with her to have “extra eyes” to help me.  With the combination of extra eyes and the tutorials, I painted “Tranquility”. I felt very happy with this painting.






At the end of the week I could fit in painting one more portrait.



Next week I would like to push myself and try to paint with oil paints for the first time.

Stay posted for my progress!


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