Highs and lows – week 10

This week has been a week of intense lows and intense highs for my art journey.  Throwing in the towel was on my mind most of the week.  Although I planned on doing blind contour drawing this week, I ended up painting most of the time.  And, I have very little to show for it!  I was inspired to send in some of my work for a very important exhibition and that was foremost on my mind.  Sitting in front of the painting I finished, I realized that I have very, very far to go!  I hit a dark, low point!  Am I an artist?  Why can’t I put on the canvas what is in my head? Not a good place to be in when stressing over an upcoming deadline!  So, I started over – and was still not happy!  Here is the painting (but, I might just start over again!!)

the wallflower

The wallflower

The high point of my entire art journey was attending an art “walk-through” at a gallery near me.  I met the artist Andre du Toit.  What an inspiring day!  I was close to tears most of the time – I absolutely love this man’s work.


andre du toit gallery visit

An inspiring morning with Andre du Toit. 

Here is an example of his work:

andre du toit


I am still not sure if I will send in any of my work for the exhibition, but I am more intent than ever to be the artist that I believe I was born to be.

So, keep posted for more of my journey!



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