What a kind gesture – week 9

This week I was on holiday, so not as much drawing happened as I hoped.  One would think with more time on hand, I would draw more.  Not so, but a break from routine is always good!

Learning gesture drawing this week was a new skill I had to learn.  It was challenging in the beginning, but I soon got the hang of it.

Proko’s two videos on gesture drawing were a great help.


Createarteveryday, my blogging friend, told me of a great resource for gesture drawing that I used almost every day this week – Thanks a million! Here is her newest blog post if you want to check it out.

Quickposes is a great tool – you can choose the speed you want to draw the poses and you have a choice between male or female poses.

Here are some of my (not so great) attempts:



In the one word prompt challenge the word was “cloud” – I immediately knew which of my paintings I would love to add to the challenge.  Here is one of them, but have a look at my submission – Landscape Clouds.


I also met up with a wonderful artist friend of mine this week to talk about how to promote my art. She is an amazing ceramics artist. Have a look at her site here.  There are so many conflicting ideas out there about this subject.  I really needed the input of a trusted friend in the industry to help me.  She advised me to meet up with other artists and grow my artist social circle.  This in itself is challenging as I am by nature a reserved person. But, it is good to stretch yourself!  So, go ahead, stretch yourself in the coming week – do something that scares you just a little bit!!


The birth of Venus

At least I got one or two drawings done this week – I am still enjoying the classics!


Next week I will be looking into “blind contour drawing” – it sounds like great fun!

Stay posted!



2 thoughts on “What a kind gesture – week 9

  1. Laura (Createarteveryday) says:

    Wow, those gestures look terrific! Nice sweeping curves with no hesitation – I wish I did gestures as well! Thanks for the mention! Judith at Artistcoveries led me to that site, so I’ll give her a mention as well. I’d have never discovered quickposes if it weren’t for her. I’m really glad you’re finding it useful!

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