Proportions of the face – week 7

This week has been an exciting combination of learning the basics and putting an idea on to canvas.

For my drawing practice I studied the proportions of the face and learned the scale of each element by heart.  Some of my practice attempts were strange indeed! Both the following portraits were done from imagination without any reference photos (It was challenging) – I am so used to working from reference photos.

imagination portrait imagination portrait2

The tutorial that helped me understand the proportions of the face the best:

I also had great fun this week doing a one word prompt from WordPress – you can have a look at my entry here: One word prompt

By the middle of the week I wanted to do more real life works and so I drew these:

pepper grinder protea

But, the most exciting part of my week was definitely the painting I did towards the end of the week.  I lay awake on Wednesday night thinking about a painting that I could see in my head.  This rarely happens to me.  Usually I see a wonderful photo and think – “That would look great as a painting”.

This painting was different – is was birthed out of me, out of my soul.  I was super excited!!  As soon as I woke the next morning I was at my easel working.  And so “In the storm” was born.


In the storm

I am truly proud of this piece of work as it is so close to what I lay awake thinking about.

Next week I will be learning about drawing hands.  Stay posted for more of my journey!





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