Lips lead the way – week 4

This week has been a journey of discovering the planes of the lips.  What they really look like, not drawn how my grade 1 teacher told me they should look.  Noticing where the light falls on each part and inspecting the darkest corners.  Learning how a slight change of line can transform the expression of a face.

Some of my attempts at capturing the rounding of the lips were downright terrible, but as the week progressed I feel that some progress was made.  The goal was to bring out the 3D look and feel of the lips by learning all about tone.

Here is some of my work done this week:


I found this tutorial really helpful as it helped me see the shapes of the lips better.


This week I was also very inspired by @bobbychiu


I also set up myself a deviantart profile and put myself out there on all the social networking sites.  So go ahead and follow me.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Next week I will be focusing on drawing the ears and researching how to use Flickr.  Stay posted!


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