Landscape Clouds

“There’s a bright spot in every dark cloud.”   Bruce Beresford
Clouds are such an important part of my landscape paintings.
Without them the peacefulness of the scene will be broken.

Give me a hand, please – week 8

“We have hands; we can stand on them if we want to. That’s our privilege. That’s the joy of a mortal body. And that’s why God needs us. Because God loves to feel things through our hands.”
Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love


This week was full of practicing drawing hands.  Thankfully I could could make good use of my Loomis book to help me this week.  You can have a look at week 2 of my journey if you would like to download this book to use (it’s free).

Here are some of my quick sketches to practice the anatomy of the hand.

My favourite YouTube clip on drawing hands was from Wei.


Fortunately, there are wonderful resources out there to use, like this great article I stumbled across:  How to draw hands.

After gaining a better understanding of the anatomy of the hand, I felt that my toning improved in my drawings.  I paid closer attention to the placement of the bones and the muscles.



I could also use my hand drawings very well with the “daily one word challenge”. You can check out my submission here:  Empty

Later in the week I had some fun doing master drawing studies.


These studies pushed me to draw in a different way as they are shaded with crosshatching.  It is a very tedious exercise, but creates great movement in a drawing.  I am not sure if I could use it in all my drawings as it takes so long.  (The drawing on the right took at least 4 hours to do!)

I am really looking forward to my art journey next week as I will be learning to draw the body as a whole – it will be fun putting all the pieces I have learned over the past two months together in a single drawing.  Stay posted!



Empty handed

cupped hands


Sometimes it feels like life has giving you a raw deal.  You feel like you have asked the universe in so many different ways to solve your problem, but you keep on ending up empty handed.  I get it! A sick child, a broken mind, a bad marriage, an empty wallet – none of these are your fault, but let’s stop standing there with empty hands.

Let’s grab hold of life, let’s give out life, let’s share our pain with each other and just maybe, just maybe we can lift up our hands to see the answer right in front of us.



the hand


Proportions of the face – week 7

This week has been an exciting combination of learning the basics and putting an idea on to canvas.

For my drawing practice I studied the proportions of the face and learned the scale of each element by heart.  Some of my practice attempts were strange indeed! Both the following portraits were done from imagination without any reference photos (It was challenging) – I am so used to working from reference photos.

imagination portrait imagination portrait2

The tutorial that helped me understand the proportions of the face the best:

I also had great fun this week doing a one word prompt from WordPress – you can have a look at my entry here: One word prompt

By the middle of the week I wanted to do more real life works and so I drew these:

pepper grinder protea

But, the most exciting part of my week was definitely the painting I did towards the end of the week.  I lay awake on Wednesday night thinking about a painting that I could see in my head.  This rarely happens to me.  Usually I see a wonderful photo and think – “That would look great as a painting”.

This painting was different – is was birthed out of me, out of my soul.  I was super excited!!  As soon as I woke the next morning I was at my easel working.  And so “In the storm” was born.


In the storm

I am truly proud of this piece of work as it is so close to what I lay awake thinking about.

Next week I will be learning about drawing hands.  Stay posted for more of my journey!




Why I work so hard

Tonight I have been looking through all my different social media to check that everything looks okay and if I have answered all the comments left for me.  Going on to Flickr I looked through my photosteam and suddenly remembered why I am working so hard at my art skills.

I love painting!  I love the color, I love the feel of holding the brush and putting the paint on the canvas.

My art journey didn’t just start two months ago, it has been a part of my life since childhood.   Deciding to draw every day was a decision I made to improve my painting experience.  Sometimes we loose sight of our bigger pictures because of the every day work we are caught up in.

Instantly I had this urge to show you the paintings I loved working on in the past.  Sometimes inspiration comes from the weirdest places.


For more of my paintings go and have a look at Flickr


Drawing every day

Daily challenge taken – Naturally

Today I wanted to stretch myself in my drawing practice. Lately I have been feeling stale in my daily drawings with sticking to my routine of art training I have set out for myself (see week two of my journey ).

Up popped today’s daily one word prompt and just there and then I decided to do something different.

This is my interpretation of Natural.

Drawing every day

Drawing a rose – drawing every day

Strangely enough I did a flower sketch yesterday as well.

Drawing daily

Drawing every day – Protea

Staying true to your goals is very important, but staying motivated is sometimes difficult.  I did my drawing practice today.  Maybe not as I had planned to, but I came out more motivated to grab hold of tomorrow’s planned scheduled drawing (which is about the proportions of the face, by the way).

Understanding the shapes of the hair – week 6

“If my hair looks good, I can deal with anything” – Lorna Moore

This strikes a chord in portrait sketching as well.  If the hair does not take up some of your time and energy while sketching, you can loose the “realness” of the portrait.  And so my week was filled with understanding the shapes in drawing hair.

Some of the tutorials that helped on my journey were:


I also found the The Virtual Instructor site very valuable this week.

Here are some of the practices I completed.

I am reading a book on achieving my goals by Robin Sharma and it is definitely a worthwhile read.  It is helping me stay focused on my art goals and improving my self-discipline.


Link to a download of this book.

Stay posted next week for all my training in the proportions of the face!


Drawing the ear – week 5

This week was all about the ear.  Understanding the structure of the ear helped me tremendously.  That is where my good and faithful tutor Prokotv came to the rescue!  Thanks@StanProkopenko !


Here are some of my attempts:


About half way through the week I grew tired of drawing the ear over and over again and so I decided to bring the last few weeks’ work together with some portrait practice.



This last one I did, I timed – done in 2 and a half hours.  I really feel that the daily work I am putting in to drawing is helping me understand what I am doing better and is improving my portrait work.

Part of my week was joining various social media apps – really a challenging part of getting my art out there! But, if I want to be noticed, I have to promote my work.

I read this very interesting article about getting noticed as an artist that really got me thinking. Best-way-artists-get-found-online

Next week will be all about drawing hair, so stay posted for that!


A month of drawing

Looking back on the past four weeks of my drawing training has been very interesting.  I am happy with my progress as I have put many hours of work into drawing the basics over and over again.

My favourite week so far has been Plan to be successful – week 2.  Drawing the eye repeatedly has shown me how important this complex element is in portrait drawing.  Something else that has intrigued me is how a very small element in the wrong place can change the entire look of the portrait.  Every part has to be perfectly in place.

Some of my favourite drawings this month are:

Of course there were days in this past month that I felt discouraged or unmotivated, but I tried to stay focused by watching tutorials and motivational YouTube clips.  Here is the one I enjoyed most.


Lips lead the way – week 4

This week has been a journey of discovering the planes of the lips.  What they really look like, not drawn how my grade 1 teacher told me they should look.  Noticing where the light falls on each part and inspecting the darkest corners.  Learning how a slight change of line can transform the expression of a face.

Some of my attempts at capturing the rounding of the lips were downright terrible, but as the week progressed I feel that some progress was made.  The goal was to bring out the 3D look and feel of the lips by learning all about tone.

Here is some of my work done this week:


I found this tutorial really helpful as it helped me see the shapes of the lips better.


This week I was also very inspired by @bobbychiu


I also set up myself a deviantart profile and put myself out there on all the social networking sites.  So go ahead and follow me.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Next week I will be focusing on drawing the ears and researching how to use Flickr.  Stay posted!