Putting in the time – week 3

My new art journey is very rewarding, but if I don’t put in the time , I won’t see any results.  All the art masters I have surrounded myself with (albeit online or through their books) recommend practice, practice, practice.  This has brought me to a mini crises as I worry if I am going about my training correctly.  Am I practicing in the right direction?  Am I putting in enough time? After all these crazy thoughts going through my head, I remember the story of the rabbit and the tortoise.  Slow and steady wins the race!  A little at a time.  Some days I think:  “I really do not feel like drawing one more eye, this is boring!” But, if I want to succeed I have to master my own self.

This week I focused on drawing the Nose.  Here are some of my attempts:

I did not find the nose easy to draw, so I had to watch many tutorials over and over again to get it right.

This is one of the many I watched:


Of course the ever faithful Proko was there to help!


I also spent many hours this week researching modern master artists for inspiration.  Some of my favorites are Gerhard van Vuuren, Rahaf Albab,  Lorraine Loots

Next week I will be concentrating on drawing the Mouth.  Stay posted for more of my journey.


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