Plan to be successful – week 2

This week I focused on my daily schedule and my goal planning.  After listening to a book by Robin Sharma “The monk who sold his Ferrari”, I realized that I would have to become much more goal orientated if I wanted to fulfill my dream of being a world class artist.


Much soul searching happened when I finished this book.  Was a really prepared to push myself hard to realize my dreams?  What did I need to do to get there?

To make more time for my art would mean that I would have to wake up early every morning.  Now that seemed impossible to me, as I am not a morning person by nature! But, if I wanted my dreams to become reality I would have to do it. Here is the clip I watched to help motivate me.


As part of my art training I started focusing on working out my year plan to improve my skills.

This is what I came up with:

Drawing Focus for the year

Month 1

Week 1 – Planes of the head

Week 2 – Eyes

Week 3 – Noses

Week 4 – Mouth and Teeth

Month 2

Week 1 – Ears

Week 2 – Hair

Week 3 – The complete face

Week 4 – Reviewing all I have learned

Month 3

Week 1 – Hands

Week 2 – The body as a whole

Week 3 – Stances and Gestures

Week 4 – Blind Contour practice

Month 4

Week 1 – Life Drawing Tones

Week 2 – The head

Week 3 – The skull front view

Week 4 – The skull profile

Month 5

Week 1 – The skull 3/4 view

Week 2 – The Asaro head Front

Week 3 – The Asaro head 3/4

Week 4 – The Asaro head profile

Month 6

Week 1 – The figure in Geometric forms

Week 2 – Figure Proportion

Week 3 – The skeleton

Week 4 – The block form mannequin

Month 7

Week 1 – The Ovoid Mannequin

Week 2 – Figure Abstraction

Week 3 – Review

Week 4 – Review

Much of this schedule is taken from the Jeff Watts outline for their online course (that there is no way I can afford at this stage) – have a look at it:  Jeff Watts

The plan is to research each week the theme I have set out for myself and learn the skills online through watching clips and reading. Then practice, practice, practice!

Here are some of my practice attempts from Week 1.

The clip I watched for this practice was by @prokotv


For week 2 I focused on eyes.



This clip from Proko helped me:


One last note for this post.  During all my research I kept on reading about the books of Andrew Loomis.  I looked up how much this book would cost me and decided to return to my trusty online search to download the book.  I found it!!  After studying it I would really recommend it highly when learning about the structure of the head and hands.

Here is the free download for you in .pdf format (look below the photo for link to download book:


Download Book Here: Andrew Loomis, Drawing the head and hands


Next week I will be concentrating on learning all about drawing the nose.



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